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This page gives information on how to setup permissions. When you install the bot, you will get a file inside the config folder named example_permissions.ini. This option contains an example set of permissions. Edit it, and then save it as a new file called permissions.ini.

For Windows users, please note that file extensions are hidden by default, so you may just need to save the file as permissions if you are having difficulties as the .ini may be hidden.

Do not edit any configuration file using Notepad or other basic text editors, otherwise it will break. Use something like Notepad++.

The permissions file contains multiple sections. The [Default] section should not be renamed. It contains the default permissions for users of the bot that are not the owner. Each section is a group. A user’s roles do not allow them to have full permissions to use the bot, this file does.

Control what commands a group can use

Add the command in the CommandWhitelist section of the group. Each command should be separated by spaces. For example, to allow a group to use !play and !skip only:

CommandWhitelist = play skip

Add a user to a group

Add a user’s ID in the UserList section of the group. Each user ID should be separated by spaces. For example:

UserList = 154748625350688768 104766296687656960

Add a role to a group

Add a role’s ID in the GrantToRoles section of the group. Each role ID should be separated by spaces. For example:

GrantToRoles = 173129876679688192 183343083063214081

However, don’t add an ID to the Default group! This group is assigned to everyone that doesn’t have any other groups assigned and therefore needs no ID.