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How do I get an ID?


The bot has a !listids command that you can use to obtain IDs, or you can turn on Developer Mode in the Discord client by going to User Settings -> Appearance. Afterwards, you can right-click on any user, channel, role, whatever and you will get a Copy ID option on the context menu. The GIF demonstrates this.

What can the bot play?

The bot was developed to support YouTube and SoundCloud URLs, but it can theoretically support most of what yt-dlp supports. If there is a site that isn’t supported by the bot but is by yt-dlp, create an issue and let us know you want support added for it. The bot supports also streams like Twitch and internet radio (provided you give it a direct URL), however it is an experimental feature. To do this, use the !stream command instead of !play.

Currently, the bot can’t play music that is saved on your computer locally, though it is a planned feature.

Can I modify the bot?

MusicBot is licensed under MIT. If you want to modify it, you can. Please bare in mind that we won’t give any support for you doing this. If you don’t know how to write asynchronous code in Python, don’t even attempt this.

Can I change the bot’s responses?

If you would like to change the bot’s responses, perhaps because your users have a different native language, it is possible without editing the bot’s source code. As long as you have a basic understanding of JSON, you can create a new i18n file. Open up the config/i18n folder, copy en.json to whatever.json, and then open it up with a code editor (such as Notepad++, Atom, or Visual Studio Code).

It will look something like this:

    "cmd-resetplaylist-response": "The server's autoplaylist has been reset.",
    "cmd-help-invalid": "No such command",

You can then change the values (after the colon on each line) to whatever you like. Make sure that you preserve variables that look like {0} and %s to ensure the bot can automatically insert things there.

Finally, ensure that your JSON is formatted correctly and valid, by pasting it into a tool like JSONLint, and then change the option i18nFile in your config file to equal config/i18n/whatever.json. Launch the bot, and off you go! If your file can’t be loaded, the bot will try to fallback to the default (en.json). If it can’t do that, it will throw an error.