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Configuring the bot is relatively straight forward. First, open your bot folder and then the config folder within it. Copy example_options.ini to options.ini. This will be the file that you save your configuration into. Open it with a code editor like Notepad++, Atom, or Visual Studio Code.

Editing your configuration file using Notepad or WordPad will result in problems as they save files in strange formats and aren’t designed for editing .ini files.



Please note that MusicBot requires privileged intents to function. You need to enable each of the Gateway Intents on your Discord Application’s ‘Bot’ page.


After creating a bot account, you should probably add your bot to a server by clicking the ‘Generate OAuth2 URL’ button on the application page and copying the URL in the box to your address bar and pressing enter. You can then select what server you wish to add it to.


This section is about the config options in options.ini. For help with the actual permissions file, see here.